Technical articles

Ubuntu Release Eoan (19.10) End of Life

The Eoan release or verion 19.10 of Ubuntu was very shortlived. Nevertheless due to the popularity of Ubuntu and it's many flavours several installations has been made. But since the EOL was declared there is no longer an official release channel for Eoan anymore, which means there are no more official updates. But relax, there are several ways of rectifying this and you don't have to reinstall your system, unless you just a me think it's fun. :-). Before attempting ny of these solutions, be sure to make a backup of ypr precious files.


Apache webserver configuration and security - Part#1

As Internet grows so does the different threats you can be exposed to, especially if you like me are running your own Internet services. I will not claim that I'm an IT-security expert in anyway, but there are a few things I still would like to share. The worlds leading webserver today is Apache. Apache runs under different Linux distros and Windows. Together with PHP and MySQL you have a powerful platform to build your own webapplications on. To develop web solutions on Apache is one thing, but putting them to work in the real world is another thing.


Windows Powershell - How to get available printers and print an Exceldocument

In this chapter I will describe how to print an Excel Woorksheet with Windows Powershell. The first thing we need to know when working with powershell automation of Microsoft Office Products is that we need to be logged on in order to interact with an Excel-, Word-, Powerpoint- or Publisher document. It works perfectly fine to run automated powershell scripts for Microsoft Office such as printing, creating documents or any other task in the background without opening up the GUI. But you need to be logged on.


Windows 10 - Powershell script for quick change of screen resolution

Today´s computer monitors are getting both bigger and better with higher resolution, faster update, better contrast, etc. But with higher screen resolutiions and big screens (40" and bigger) desktop work sometimes can be difficult due to the fact that all windows, buttons, icons and so on are getting very small. This can be an issue, especially if you like me is starting to get somewhat poorer sight due to aging(!). But no worries, in most desktop environments now a days this has been solved by being able to scale the content on the desktop without having ti compromise resolution.


Install Drupal 8.4.5 with Apache Version 2.14

Drupal version 8.4.5 requires Apache version 2.16 or greater, alternatively module must be enabled and configured in the webservers configuration. When installing Drupal version 8.4.5 or greater the installation get stuck when checking system requirements. The following errormessage appears: "The reported value is Apache 2.14, to run Drupal without mod_rewrite, a minimum version of 2.2.16 is needed." But eventhough you enable the installation tends to get stuck.

Disable IPv6 in Fedora 23

  • Start with checking whether IPv6 is turned enabeld on your system or not. To check whether IPv6 is enabled or not use the following command:
  • cat /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/disable_ipv6.
  • To override the default settings add a new file in file in /etc/sysctl.d/ called something like 90-disable-IPv6.config. It is important that the override file has a higher lexical value than the default configuration file.

Fedora 25 - PAC Manager issues

The other day when I was upgrading my PC to the latest Fedora version, suddenly my PAC manager stopped working. It seemed like it couldn't launch its display. After some digging around I worked out a solution. The following article describes how to repair PAC Manager after upgrading to Fedora 25.

How to configure SNMP on Asus RT-AC68U

The other day I was playing around with my router (ASUS RT-AC68U) and thought that it would be nice if it would be possible to monitor it through Nagios and continously check portstatus, bandwith utilization, etc. The RT-AC68U is a linuxbased router that easily can be flashed with different open source softwares, such as Merlin for instance. The original software is quite limited outside of the standard functions and there is no support for monitoring the router and retrieving SNMP information for instance. This makes the router quite hard to monitor in a reasonable way with the original software. First I considered changing the software and flash the router with Merlin. But since my router also is used by my entire family I felt that it might be a bit too risky if Murphy would show his face during the operation. But after I Googled around a bit I found out that there is a "bug" in the original software that allows us to install just the tools we need.