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Private life

When I'm not working or attending political meetings I have some other areas of interest that I'm very fond of. I love to cook and fiddle around in the kitchen and come up with new dishes. I don´t have any ambitions to become a famous master chef, but I really enjoy making a nice dinner for my friends and my beloved ones. Some of the new dishes gets nice and some not quite that nice. I'm also very, very fond of computers, popular science and electronics. I have been playing around with different technical gadgets since I was a little boy.

Mikael Granberg

My name is Mikael Granberg. I was born in 1975 in a part of Gothenburg called Majorna. Most part of my life though I have been living in Partille which is a small community outside of Gothenburg. Since almost twenty years now I have been living in a village called Öjersjö, located in the south east parts of Partille. I live in a house together with my wife, my two children, a labrador and thre house cats.