Mikael Granberg

My name is Mikael Granberg. I was born in 1975 in a part of Gothenburg called Majorna. Most part of my life though I have been living in Partille which is a small community outside of Gothenburg. Since almost twenty years now I have been living in a village called Öjersjö, located in the south east parts of Partille. I live in a house together with my wife, my two children, a labrador and thre house cats.

On my spare time I enjoy cooking for my friends and family. One of my favourite meals to prepare is grilled tenderloin, with potato gratin and grilled vegetables. Nowadays I use my Weber gas grill most of the time, but I still have my charcoal Weber left for those special occassions. I also enjoy making peasoup which also is one of my favourite dishes and is also one of the oldest dishes in Sweden, Swedish peasoup has been around since the 13th century. Another of my spare time interests is popular science. I spend a lot of time reading news articles regarding new technological advances and inventions. I also spend a lot of my personal time building servers, developing webapplications and automating my home. In the summer I enjoy spending time in my caravan together with my family.

I'm also active in the local political life and I'm a memeber of the liberalconservative party Moderaterna. Currently I don't have any political assignments, but I spend a lot of time arguing for the rights for people with disabilities. I have a website and a Facebook page called Funktionswebben where I write a lot of things regarding the rights to personal assistance for certain people with disabilities, availability in society for people with disabilities and so on. The purpose of Funktionswebben is to spread knowledge and educate people about individuals with functional disabilities and work against peoples preconceptions about people with disabilities. I also have a political page on Facebook, Mikael Granberg - Moderaterna where I post a lot of information about my political opinions.

Currently I work as union representative and safety officer at HCL Sweden.