Private life

When I'm not working or attending political meetings I have some other areas of interest that I'm very fond of. I love to cook and fiddle around in the kitchen and come up with new dishes. I don´t have any ambitions to become a famous master chef, but I really enjoy making a nice dinner for my friends and my beloved ones. Some of the new dishes gets nice and some not quite that nice. I'm also very, very fond of computers, popular science and electronics. I have been playing around with different technical gadgets since I was a little boy. I got my first computer when I was seven years, a Commodore 64 with a tape station. (Yes I know, I'm from the stoneage....) Now a days I spend a lot of time automating my home, programming web applications and improving my server farm. My hobbies tend to be very similar to my professional line of work.

When it comes to sports I'm not your average sports person. I don't care that much at all about sports actually. Basically the only sports event that I enjoy is hockey and that is because my wife, or my wife to bee at that time, taught me to go and watch hockey when we met. My first gift from my parents in law was tickets to a hockeygame. Every now and then I leave home and go to Scandinavium to watch Frölunda Indians play. Then of course I watch my children perform all kinds of different sports, but that is another story.

I also like expressing myself in writing and speaking. I love to publish articles on social media and to add a post to my political blogg every now and then. Right now I'm also writing on two different manuscripts that might become a published book or something else in the future. Time will tell. 

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