My vision is to keep developing my leadership in my own company, preferably within the IT community and be an appreciated leader whom leads indivduals and groups so they can evolve and achieve their goals.

My work life vision, or my long term goal in my professional life is to lead people in n different contexts in my own company. By my leadership I want to see other people evolve and develop. Most of all I want to help people to dare take the next step in their professional life. I also want my leadership to feel natural and that the ones I lead apreciate me and my leadership.


I have been working with information technology my entire career and always been a hundred percent sure that I have been working with code, servers, routers or other technical gadgets. But during the years I have come to realize that I'm actually not working with gadgets at all. Instead I've been creating relationships between myself and other people in order to get my work done. Over time I have discovered that this, building relations, is exactly what gets me ticking and gives my professional career a purpose. That is why I want to continue creating relationships between individuals and groups so they can evolve, be successfull and efficient.